SERVICE PROVIDERS 서비스업Enterprise Should better figure their sXXt out

Product: Rental Car
Company: Enterprise
2016-04-06 09:07:57 +09007350 comments
So I booked a car (KIA Optima) for a weekend to have a trip to Savannah GA but when I actually took an uber there to pick up a car they told me that they are currently out of cars except for a Mustang and a Cadillac. I was slightly pissed about this already but decided to take the Mustang which was I think 60bucks more expensive than getting KIA Optima which was the car I was supposed to rent.

However, the lady checked my ID and double slapped me in my face by saying that both Mustang and the Cadillac are "luxury vehicle", therefore "you have to be older than 25 to rent them" . So basically, I couldn't even get A car even when I properly placed a reservation through online, not to mention that I also wasted my time and $40 for the 2 unnecessary Uber rides.

Go to hell Enterprise
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