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Product: Korean Cupid
Company: Korean Cupid
2017-04-11 13:05:25 +090018350 comments
Korean Cupid payment page offers 1 year 3 month and 1 month service. I choose a 1 month payment and from what you can see in the photo there is no Automatic Renewal that is obvious. by scrolling down the page you then see it located under the Payment Button which does not show on my computer screen because it is below the button and not above it. If Automatic Renewal is going to happen then why ask for "1 Month" subscription? This is clearly a scam and should be corrected. If they are going to automatically renew the subscription then the notice should be placed along side the membership option we are choosing. I have on many occasions cancelled renewable memberships because it was clearly stated. Korean Cupid conveniently hides this because of the way the page fits between the 3 membership options and the Payment Button as seen int he photo have attached.
Korean cupid payment page
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