MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT 미디어 SDI Media - Don't apply for a position!

Product: Freelancer/Translator
Company: SDI Media
2016-04-26 14:11:48 +09006270 comments
I applied for a freelancer position months ago. SDI sent an evaluation test which took 3-4 hours to do. So far so good. Upon receipt of the test, they sent me the following message through email:

"Please note that we are currently processing a huge volume of evaluations so we’ll appreciate it if you can patiently wait for our email."

Again, so far so good.

Several weeks passed by so I wrote them an email. They wrote back saying "your application still stands and as soon as I hear back from the evaluators, I'll send you an email."

I don't mind not getting the position. What I do mind is that they should at least have the courtesy to write me back since that is what they promised.

Even if they do write back later, taking months to get back to applicants a simple yes or no says something about the company as well.
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