TRAVEL & LEISURE 여행 & 레저terrible taxi service

Product: taxi
Company: seoul taxi
2016-05-01 14:09:05 +09007511 comment
the driver was so mean basically barking at us if we asked a question obviously we couldnt understand a thing he said. im pretty sure he ripped us off too. so so so annoying. pisses me off!!
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Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. ___
Next time, ask for the receipt by saying, "영수증 주세요." (Yeongsujeung juseyo.) ___
Also consider calling the Seoul Call Center - Dasan 120. ___
Just dial "120" (02-120 from cellular phones and outside Seoul) and press "9" for foreign language services. ___ ___

Hope that you don't have to go through such an experience again! Take care. ___

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