SERVICE PROVIDERS 서비스업Disappointed/Angry at Regus Korea

Product: Office Space
Company: Regus Korea
2017-03-18 17:19:35 +09004350 comments
I reserved a meeting room at a different center (Coex Trade Tower) and was told to go to the 30th fl. I arrived (15 minutes earlier) at the 30th fl. and the receptionist is not available.

I called the Coex office and the person tells me that I am not on their system.

So I call the office that handled my reservation. She says she'll find out.

Apparently, something was wrong with the system. Then they say that they only have one room for only one hour (I had reserved a room for 2 hours).

5 minutes till meeting time. They now tell me the room they have is on the 33rd fl. So I had to contact the person I was going to meet to change the venue (last minute - not looking good).

I go into the room I was given (I'm assuming it is the same for all the rooms) only to find out that I can hear every word being uttered in the next room. So much for soundproof walls.

All in all, it was a terrible experience.

All hell would have broken loose if not for the fact that they provided the room for free (they were going to charge 55$ or something like that). Was definitely not going to pay for that.

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